Thomas F. Blackwell Award: Call for Nominations for 2013 Recipient

The 2012-2013 Blackwell Award Committee invites nominations for one of the most prestigious awards in legal writing, the Thomas F. Blackwell Memorial Award  for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Legal Writing.  The winner will be announced in early fall 2012, and the award will be presented at the 2013 AALS meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. A plaque, listing the winners, is on display at Appalachian Law School.

2013 Blackwell Award Criteria, Submission Instructions and Information, Deadline, and Eligibility

Award Criteria

Tom BlackwellHonoring the life of Thomas F. Blackwell for his personal and professional qualities as a Legal Writing educator, the Legal Writing Institute and the Association of Legal Writing Directors give this award to recognize a person who has made an outstanding contribution to improve the field of Legal Writing by demonstrating:

  1. an ability to nurture and motivate students to excellence;
  2. a willingness to help other Legal Writing educators improve their teaching skills or their Legal Writing Programs; and
  3. an ability to create and integrate new ideas for teaching and motivating Legal Writing educators and students.

Submission Instructions, Information, and Deadline:

  1. Nomination materials should support as fully as possible the listed criteria as well as any other information the nominating person believes would help the Committee in its selection process.
  2. Nominations are welcome for previously nominated candidates; however, the nomination and its supporting materials should be re-submitted as the Committee does not retain previously submitted materials.
  3. The deadline for submitting nominations is close of business (5:00 p.m. Central Daylight Savings Time) on Monday, July 9, 2012.
  4. Nominations are confidential. Send nominations directly to the attention of Mary Garvey Algero, Committee Chair, using one of the methods listed below.

E-mail (preferred):
Fax: 504-861-5733
U.S. mail:    
Prof. Mary Garvey Algero

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law
7214 St. Charles Avenue, 4th Floor
New Orleans, LA 70118


Previous winners, members of the Blackwell Award Committee, and current and newly elected members of the LWI and ALWD governing boards are not eligible for this year’s award.  The names of those persons are listed in the chart below (some listed more than once due to multiple bases for ineligibility).

Former Winners

Richard Neumann (2003)
Pamela Lysaght (2004)
Ralph Brill (2005)
Mary Beth Beazley (2006)
Lou Sirico (2007)
Diana Pratt (2008)
Linda Edwards (2009)
Steve Johansen (2010)
Carol McCrehan Parker (2011)
Suzanne E. Rowe (2012)

Blackwell Award Committee

Mary Garvey Algero
Lisa Blackwell
J. Lyn Entrikin
Steve Johansen
Carol McCrehan Parker
Suzanne E. Rowe
Melissa H. Weresh

Current and Incoming ALWD Officers and Directors

J. Lyn Entrikin (President)
Mary Garvey Algero (Immediate Past President)
Anthony Niedwiecki (President-Elect)
Susan Thrower (Secretary)
Wanda Temm (Treasurer)
Kirsten Dauphinais
Kirsten Davis
Teri McMurtry-Chubb
John Mollenkamp
Richard Neumann
Terry Jean Seligmann
Kathy Vinson
Catherine Wasson
Teresa Godwin Phelps

Current and Incoming LWI Officers and Directors

Melissa H. Weresh (President)
Kenneth D. Chestek (Immediate Past President)
Linda Berger
Kim Chanbonpin
Rachel Croskery-Roberts
Michael J. Higdon
Alison Julien
Lisa McElroy
Samantha Moppett
Laurel Currie Oates
Suzanne Rabe
Ruth Anne Robbins
Joan Malmud Rocklin
Jennifer Shepard (Host School representative)
David I.C. Thomson