Leadership Committee

This is a new committee formed to provide leadership support to ALWD members, provide training on leadership skills, and enhance ALWD’s leadership in the academy.


  • Bylaws –  Periodic review of the ALWD By-Laws; suggest changes to the by-laws.
  • New Directors – Provide support to new directors; organize meetings with new directors at conferences.
  • Leadership & Program Development –  Provide mentoring opportunities to directors; help develop the leaderships skills of ALWD members; promote leadership within ALWD.

Committee Liaison – Kathy Vinson

Subcommittee Chair(s) & Liaison Members
Elections Diane Diamond (C)
ABA Task Force Anthony Niedwiecki (L) Brad Clary
Eric Easton
Mel Weresh
Mary Beth Beazley
Anthony Niedwiecki
Teri McMurtry-Chubb
Lyn Entrikin

Suzanne Rowe
Mary Algero
Richard Neumann
Craig Smith

By-Laws Judy Rosenbaum (C) Martha Pagliari
Joe Hnylka
Philip Kaplan
New Directors Suzanne Rowe (C)
Tamara Herrera (C)
Margaret Hannon
Ursula Weigold
Suzanne Rabe
Sue Liemer
Leadership and Development Tamar Eisen (C)
Catherine Wasson (L)
Suzanne Rabe
Kathy Vinson
Martha Pagliari
Megan McAlpin
Mary Nagel
Sue Liemer
Tamara Herrera