Scholarship Committee

Promotes and enhances legal writing scholarship.


  • Scholars Workshops (program where scholars visit schools)  Organize program; advertise process; help select the recipients
  • Scholarship Grants (summer scholarship grant awards)  Organize program; advertise process; help select the recipients
  • Publications (other than JALWD) – organize and oversee the development of new and existing publications produced by ALWD, including the ALWD Manual.

Committee Liaison – Kirsten Davis

Subcommittee Chair(s) & Liaison Members
Scholars Workshops & Visiting Scholars Kathleen O’Neil (C) Tonya Kowalski
Tamara Herrara
David Thomson
Ursula Wiegold
Scholarship Grants Greg Johnson (C) Anne Enquist
Anna Hemmingway
Debby McGregor
Tonya Kowalski
Joe Hnylka
Sara Ricks
Publications Lyn Entrikin (L)
Jennifer North
JoAnne Sweeny
Ted Becker
Coleen Barger (as author of the ALWD Manual)
Deborah Paruch
Michael Loudenslager