Service Committee

Provides service to ALWD.


  • Website – Help with the new design of website; maintain website; provide suggestions on improving the website.
  • Survey –  Work with LWI on developing, administering, and maintaining the annual legal writing survey.
  • Awards – Help select award recipients; organize award programs and receptions.

Committee Liaison – Wanda Temm

Subcommittee Chair(s) Members
Archives Grace Wigal (C)
Sue Liemer (C)
Conference Steering Committee David Cleveland (C)
Alison Julien (C)
Mary-Beth Moylan (L)
Wanda Temm, ALWD Treasurer
Mary-Beth Moylan, ALWD Bd.
Kathy Vinson, ALWD  Bd.
Conference Committee David Cleveland (C)
Alison Julien (C)
Mary-Beth Moylan (L)
Mary Nagel
Mary-Beth Moylan
Susan Bay
Catherine Wasson
Kirstin Dauphinais
Megan McAlpin
Lindsey Gustafson
Listserv Lyn Entrikin (C/L)
Website Karin Mika (C) Susie Salmon
Jennifer North
Kimberly Holst
Survey Marci Rosenthal (C) Sharon Pocock
Mary Trevor
Amy Flanary-Smith
Ted Becker
Judy Rosenbaum
Jodi L. Wilson
Awards Margaret Hannon (C)
Mary Algero (C)
Debby McGregor
Nicole Chong