Legal Writing Scholarship Grants, Sponsored by LWI-ALWD-LexisNexis

The Legal Writing Institute (LWI), the Association of Legal Writing Directors (ALWD), and LexisNexis annually award the Legal Writing Scholarship Grants for teachers of legal research and writing.  These grants reflect the three organizations’ commitment to the professional development of legal research and writing professionals.

The 2013 grant recipients and names of the proposals are:
LWI: $5,000
Elizabeth R. Baldwin, Cohesion in Context: Supporting International LL.M. Students with Direct Instruction on Cohesive Writing Techniques in English

ALWD: $5,000
Amy Bitterman, In the Beginning: Priming, Foreshadowing and the Art of Crafting Preliminary Statements in Persuasive Writing

LexisNexis:  $5,000
Jodi S. Balsam, Local Rulemaking as a Form of Resistance: When Federal Appellate Local Rules Challenge National Prerogatives

ALWD Teaching Grants

ALWD offers teaching grants for teachers of legal research and writing. These grants reflect the organization’s commitment to teaching and to the professional development of legal research and writing professionals.  Each year, ALWD will award teaching grants to legal research and writing teachers. These grants will enable gifted educators to spend their summers exploring teaching ideas of interest to them and to produce teaching tools, materials, and curriculum that will assist others in the field. The Call for 2014 Grants will be announced in the fall.

ALWD Scholarship Forum/Workshop

To provide more opportunities for authors to receive input and feedback from their peers on their legal writing scholarship projects, the Association of Legal Writing Directors is offering up to four $650 grants to regional legal writing conference planners to host Scholars’ Forums or Scholars’ Workshops in conjunction with their regional conferences.  Starting in 2009, the Association has supported Forums or Workshops each year in connection with Regional Legal Writing Conferences around the country.  These have included the Capital Area, Central States, Empire States, Central States, Northwest, Rocky Mountain, Southeast and Western Legal Writing Conferences. Feedback on those events has been overwhelmingly positive.

Conference planners may choose from the following two options.

Scholars’ Forums give legal writing scholars the chance to present their scholarship ideas, works-in-progress, or developed drafts of legal writing articles to a group of other legal writing faculty. In this setting, participants would have an opportunity to practice presenting and addressing questions about a scholarly paper. This event should be limited to sixteen participants, who can be divided into two groups of eight or four groups of four. In each group, each participant would have twenty minutes to present the scholarship, followed by a twenty-minute question and answer session. For sixteen participants, the event will last one day, or, if smaller groups are used, one-half day. ALWD recommends that each group have an “experienced scholar” to lead each group and help give feedback.

Scholars’ Workshops give participants an opportunity to participate in peer review, with all the benefits of that process to readers and writers.  These workshops are limited to sixteen participants, divided into groups of four.  Participants must submit a paper in draft to the planners three weeks before the workshop. The planners will assign participants to groups of four. In assigning groups, planners should aim to promote diverse and constructive interactions. Each member of a group should receive the other three group members’ papers at least one week in advance. Authors may request specific types of input from the small group on the paper. At the Workshop, each group of four would meet together to discuss the papers. For sixteen participants, the event could last anywhere from one-half day to a full-day.

The Call for 2014 Grants will be announced in the fall.

ALWD Innovative Teaching Workshop

The workshop is for participants who have an innovative teaching idea in the early stages of development to share their idea with a small group of their colleagues and receive input and feedback to improve and enhance their idea. The goal is to provide an encouraging environment for presenters to highlight and further develop their creative idea, as well as provide an opportunity for the entire group of participants and moderators to benefit from discussing these new teaching ideas.  The workshops usually precede the LWI and ALWD conferences.  The 2013 Innovative Teaching Workshop took place prior to the Biennial ALWD Conference in Milwaukee.  Look for information on the next workshop soon.

ALWD Visiting Scholars

The Association of Legal Writing Directors (ALWD) will once again award grants to law schools to fund visits by legal writing scholars under a program that will recognize the Legal Communication & Rhetoric Visiting Scholars. ALWD will provide grants of up to $2,500 to each of three law schools annually.

Law schools must use the grant to bring in a visiting scholar for a one- to two-day visit that includes one or more presentations to students, faculty, alumni, or local practitioners. The presentation should draw on the visiting scholar’s research, and its focus should be helping law students or practicing lawyers become more rhetorically effective and persuasive. The new grant program extends ALWD’s commitment to support, strengthen, and encourage scholarship that focuses on the study and practice of professional legal writing. ALWD already supports such scholarship through its financial and other support for Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD.

The Call for 2014 Grants will be announced in the fall.