ALWD Citation Manual (first edition) Resources

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ALWD Citation Manual (first edition) Resources

  1. Appendices
  2. Updates to Appendix 2 (by jurisdiction)
  3. Downloading Updates File (for Wintel users only)
  4. Errata

Appendices ~ Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files

*The updates have not yet been incorporated into this copy of Appendix 2

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Updates to Appendix 2 (by jurisdiction) ~ Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files

*Note that the new California Style Manual is now available on Westlaw in the database CASTYLE

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Downloading Updates File (for Wintel users only)

Jan Levine has prepared a self-installing .exe file for dowloading updates and appendices to the ALWD Citation Manual. To download click here: ALWD Citation Manual.exe. Then run the .exe file on your computer.

The .exe file contains the appendixes and updates for the ALWD Manual from the ALWD website. All the information is provided in an easy-to-use format. It is intended for use when you are not connected to the internet.

To use the self-installing .exe file, simply double-click on the file. It will ask you where you wish to install the files. Type in this location when prompted:

“C:\ALWD Manual”

The file will expand the contents into a new folder. Once the expansion is done, browse to that location using Windows Explorer from your start menu (not Internet Explorer). In the folder will be a shortcut titled “ALWD Citation Manual” (it has a large red pencil for the icon). Using the right mouse button, drag that file to your desktop, or to anywhere on your start menu, release the button, and choose “Create shortcut here.” To open the material, double-click on the shortcut icon.

The shortcut icon can be changed (two are supplied). The shortcut is made to use the red pencil icon, “ALWD.ico” but you can change it to any you wish, including the “ALWD#2.ico” supplied in the folder.

The shortcut points to an .htm file in the folder, titled “Appendicies to the ALWD Citation Manual.htm” which will open in your browser and let you to see the updates and appendixes, which are all in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

If you wish to place the folder elsewhere on your computer, you will have to edit the .htm file and change the targets specified for the files. If you know enough to do that, you need no other instructions!

You may delete the .exe file when you are done.

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These Erata files include revisions to errors in the first through fifth printings. Owners of copies from the first through fourth printings are encouraged to write these changes directly into the manual. The printing is indicated on the copyright page. See the numbers under “Printed in the United States of America.” The first printing has numbers 1–0 listed. In the second printing the 1 will be missing. In the third printing the 1 and 2 will be missing.

Errata ~ Fourth Printing (344 KB)
Errata ~ Fifth Printing (48 KB)

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