If you are interested in developing materials for use with the ALWD Citation Manual you should be aware that:

  • The Association of Legal Writing Directors owns and has registered the copyright to the ALWD Citation Manual. ALWD has granted its publisher, Aspen Publishers, an exclusive license to publish the ALWD Citation Manual, in whole and in part. Among other rights, this license gives Aspen Publishers the exclusive right to reproduce the Manual in any form or medium. This license also gives Aspen Publishers the exclusive right to prepare derivative works based on the Manual.
  • Both ALWD and Aspen Publishers are delighted that other authors are developing a wide variety of teaching materials and other supplemental materials that support use of the ALWD Citation Manual. Both ALWD and Aspen Publishers would like to encourage the development of these materials, while at the same time ensuring their organizations’ legal rights to the Manual are being respected and protected. If you currently are developing or are thinking of developing any such materials, please contact Dan Mangan, Publisher, by telephone at 212-597-0224 or by mail at Aspen Publishers, 1185 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036, to be sure your project does not infringe on Aspen Publishers license.
  • Please also notify one of the officers of ALWD if you will publish a project related to the ALWD Citation Manual. In most instances, ALWD will be glad to inform its membership and others in the legal writing community about your project via the ALWD web site.