ALWD Citation Manual (second edition) Teaching Resources

Below are several types of files that are available for download. Note, there is a known bug with using Netscape to access or download WordPerfect files posted to the web—when you click on the link, you get a browser screen with gibberish. If you try to save the link to disk, it scrambles the file so that WP won’t open it. This is the reason that I’ve tried to post Adobe versions of many of the files. To download a WordPerfect version of a file, use Internet Explorer, not Netscape. If you still have trouble with the WordPerfect version, try the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file. Please click on a section below.

ALWD Citation Manual (second edition) Teaching Resources

  1. Comparison Materials
  2. ALWD Citation Manual Instructional Materials

Comparison Materials

Changes from the ALWD CM 1st to 2nd editions

ALWD 2D-Bluebook 17 Conversion Chart for Research Assistants

ALWD-Bluebook Comparison ~ practitioner format

Notable ALWD 2d-Bluebook 17 Differences

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ALWD Citation Manual Instructional Materials

Jan Levine’s ALWD Citation Manual Exercises (Answers available for legal writing professors from Jan at

Introduction to Legal Citation ~ for students

Integrating Citations into Documents ~ updated for the second edition


ALWD Jeopardy

Introduction to the ALWD Citation Manual ~ for faculty presented at the 2003 AALS Annual Meeting

Introduction to the ALWD CM Second Edition

ALWD for Law Review

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